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Korres is the most amazing company you will ever come across. Not only are the products they sell truly amazing but there philosophy and beliefs are from the heart . They respect the environment and culture that they work with. The first items were made following original recipes from items that they either grew or were reap from the land around them. There is something so special when what we consider to be new is based and what has gone before. Some things are known to be perfectly put together and with a few new additions and inspiration you have a unique product.






Meet Hugo

I have been absent for such a long time….

Certain things in life seem to take up so much time ,leaving you with little time for anything else, sometimes that’s just fine. On this occasion it has been more than fine. After many years of wanting a dog and a long search finally Hugo came along, he’s adorable.
We have been spending lots of time together, getting to know each other on long walks , and it has to be said a few sleepless nights. Puppy’s are great fun but also a lot of hard work . He’s really settled in with us now and life would be strange without him.

I couldn’t resist sharing a few pictures .




Heart Home Magazine


Congratulations Home Heart Magazine on another amazing issue. As anticipated the issue was crammed with the most inspiring features, you delivered something truly beautiful!!

Thank you so much for the opportunity to be part of such an exciting new online publication. It was a delight to work with such an ingenious and creative team.

I was touched that you used the picture from our shoot to grace the front cover . The article looks first class , you wouldn’t have expected anything less from Home Heart.

If you haven’t had a peek yet, follow the link below for some real festive fabulousness.

Heart Home Magazine Winter 2011 issue