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A glimpse of the past

Being in a place where you can almost feel the history and a sense of what has gone before is something we have all experienced. In ancient buildings it’s easy to try and imagine who and what may have been there previously. Greece in the late thirties early forties was a place that was full of intrigue and in parts war torn. One can only imagine just how the country was ripped apart and people full of suspicion. The church played a huge part in keeping communities together and a refuge for families . Speaking with older Greeks, one can hear first hand of what life was like in an age gone by!

Photographing something as it is today is all well and good , add a filter a little tweak and the picture tells a different story . I have tried to add a feeling of history to the shots below.





Photography- Karl Openshaw for STYLEDBYKARL .


Tama in Church

Tama (Greek: τάμα, pl. ταμάτα tamata) are a form of votive offering or ex-voto used in the Eastern Orthodox Churches, particularly the Greek Orthodox Church. Tamata are usually small metal plaques, which may be of base or precious metal, usually with an embossed image symbolising the subject of prayer for which the plaque is offered.

Tamata may be offered to an icon or shrine of a saint as a reminder of a devotes particular need, or in gratitude for a prayer answered.
Eye images may indicate an eye problem, limbs for injuries or pains. A heart may be for a heart problem or may be for a prayer of love.

Pictures were taken in the tiny 13th century church of Agios Athanasios.



Photography- Karl Openshaw for STYLEDBYKARL


When ingredients are so tasty you can hardly take credit for the results. A quick whizz around the local square and you will come across guys that have wonderful goodies they have grown on their own small holdings. Juicy Mellon , plump aubergines , the sweetest of tiny grapes and lots of other treats. It’s hardly considered cooking but throwing some tasty morsels together for a quick lunch , just add a nice vino. All the legislation about produce meeting EU regulations, to hell with all that nonsense. Give me figs ripened in the sun in all shapes and sizes , bruises and all.


Photography- Karl Openshaw for STYLED BY KARL.

Orange inside and out

The colour we see around us influences the tones we choose to furnish our homes. Orange was the Pantone colour of 2012. As a colour it was a big hit with the fishermen in the harbour, I guess more by the fact of it’s easy to spot qualities. Nice how it works so well to add a pop of colour in an interior.



Siparos Restaurant

One very special spot for dinner not to be missed. This is a restaurant that we never fail to visit when we are here in Greece , it never disappoints. Watching the sun setting eating locally sourced ingredients that bring Magic to the tongue. Everything is so beautifully put together ,it’s heavenly .



Fishing For Colour

Although a little late to see the fish being landed, there was a bounty of colour for the catch.
Photography – Karl Openshaw for STYLED BY KARL.








Greece Home Sweet Home

Just arrived in Greece and are staying in our friends home in the Cyclades. Heaven and feeling right at home. Jean & Olivier two of our best friends from Paris have a wonderful home here( more about that later) . It’s so strange when you return to a place that feels a world away back home, it’s as though you never left on your return. Loving it.



Photography- Karl Openshaw for STYLED BY KARL.

Casa Do Conto

Casa do Conto (House of Tales in Portuguese) a concept hotel in Cedofeita, Porto, has had a rocky start. The charming XIX Century Oporto House was lovingly restored by Pedra Liquida Architects, after which a fire virtually destroyed the building just days before its reopening. A new building was built on the site with the memory of the old structure in mind. The architects thought of the new skin as a type of ‘fossil’ of the historic. The project references the ornate nature of its predecessor with abstract textures and texts applied to concrete surfaces.








Hotel San Giorgio

Summer has finally arrived here in London and the blue skies make the city have that Mediterranean feel . A bit of Sunshine makes us all feel better and more relaxed. If you are wanting a break from city life and need some sunshine transport yourself off to the San Giorgio Hotel Mykonos . Relax in the simplicity of island chic, yet still be in the cosmopolitan hub. Part of the Hotel Project ,no better place to recharge your batteries.








Varkala temple festival

On the last day of the Janardhana Swamy Temple Festival, a grand Arrattu procession takes place to add color and excitement to the festival. The highlight of the parade is seven lavishly decorated elephants.In Kerala, elephants are regarded as a symbol of pomp and prosperity, and no temple festival in the state is complete without them. In addition to providing prestige, the elephants also carry the statue of the temple god during the festival processions. The statue is carried down to the sea where it is bathed and cleansed . The men follow the procession into the sea in a frenzy of spiritual ritual. It was the most incredible celebration and to be party to it was something that will never be forgot. After the cleansing the elephants and the temple statue make their way through the streets and bless people’s homes on the way, finally arriving back at the temple in the early hours of the morning. Huge explosions of fireworks that rock the town greet the return of the statue back into the haven of the temple.

It was a long night of partying and celebration.