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Delightful Lighting Portugal

The same people behind innovative Portuguese furniture brand Boca do Lobo also want to illuminate your life. They have spun off a company dedicated to the design of unique and delightful lighting fixtures. In fact, delightful is an apt name to describe their product…because Delightfull is the name of this design endeavor.

Similar to the philosophy behind the Boca do Lobo furniture line, designers at Delightfull grab design elements from times past and fuse them with modern techniques and concepts. The result is a product that is unique in form and practical in function.








Leslie Oschmann

Leslie Oschmann makes a beautiful collection of stunning pieces with refound objects . Working with old artworks found in flea markets in holland and Belgium . Remodelling canvases into beautiful items ,from bags to chairs. Sporting any of her totes would add a dash of colour to your holiday .





Brabbu Furniture Collection

BRABBU is a complement for Menina Design Group brands, joining Boca do Lobo and Delightfull. The Portuguese group has achieved and conquered markets like the United Kingdom, Russia, Singapore, Brazil, Philippines, Monaco, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, New Zealand and Hong Kong and is preparing two projects: a brand for children and another of outdoors furniture.

Recycled Heaven

How Beautiful are these new cool furniture pieces. Made entirely from recycled wood and everyday items ,we dispose of everyday. With a strong sense of design you can see things in a new light. Piet Hein Eek is the coolest place in Holland you could ever come across. Their mission is to make use of the used, revitalized in to amazing furniture and lifestyle objects.


If you want to function successfully and design beautiful objects, you need to make sure that your environment is a stimulating one and that you feel like a fish in water. So creating this type of environment, your daily reality, is much more important than setting all kinds of goals for the future.  The building more than 10,000 square meters in size, where all kinds of different activities are brought together under one roof. The workshops (wood, steel, upholstery, assembly, spraying and ceramics) form the beating heart of the building. They are surrounded by the offices, showroom, shop, gallery, restaurant. In fact a designers dream come true.    Check out their cool website