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Flower Power

Words are not needed for pictures that speak for themselves.





Faded Elegance

A few pictures pictures that I took , then tweaked them up in Snapseed. Check out their great new App. Have fun.





Christmas wreath

Inspired by cool and clean winter trends a wreath to grace home. Wreaths are a warm welcome for your guests and they really say something about you. Be it sleek and sparkly or rustic and natural its a great way to add personality to you festive decor.

I opted for a rustic theme with a white colour pallet.

Start by spraying the pieces you are going to use ,it helps if you have already wired them . 

Make a simple wreath shape by twisting some twigs together and wire them into shape. Add a few fresh roses and you are good to go.

Fasten onto the twigs a half ball of dry oasis and start adding all your treasures. Find your own style as this is part of the fun. You will soon have something that will be a gem for your own door,or where ever you hang it. You can make several and hang them on chair backs at you christmas dinner table.

Pictures from Styled By Karl

Rustic Collections

Pictures from Styled By Karl 

Small but Detailed

Pictures from Styled By Karl  

a few bits I stuck together , they add a spark to my coffee table.

Its wonderful how the smaller details are the ones that can make the biggest difference. Gather a few flower heads and leaves , add them to small vases , make a little collection to place on a dressing table or console.  Magic added to any dull area . Choose the colours  that play with other pieces in the room and they will have a real presence.