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Summer Blues

A summer shoot with cool blue and a fish or two.



Photography- Karl Openshaw for STYLED BY KARL.


White and Grey

A contradiction in colour, White fresh and clean and Grey often associated with Grey skies.not the case here it’s totally sophisticated yet has a crisp natural feel. Colour is everywhere you look here in Greece, but as we all now to well those lovely colours don’t always translate to less bright light.
This colour pallet works well anywhere.



Photography- Karl Openshaw for STYLED BY KARL.

Turquoise calling

Sometimes a certain colour speaks to you. I’m hearing turquoise…


Spot On

Fashionistas have gone dotty: the new collection between Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama and Marc Jacobs by Louis Vuitton has launched in New York and pop-up stores set to open across the globe later this week.Today the artist is based in Tokyo, where she has voluntarily lived in a psychiatric hospital for more than three decades. Her works, which are noted for their vibrant, repetitive, object-enveloping patterns, are said to be inspired by her hallucinations. The collection features ready to wear , handbags , watches and scarves. Prepare to be Polka Dotted.





Tina Hellberg

Pictures like this don’t really need words. Grey Heaven maybe…

Tina Hellberg.

White Start

2012 here we go ( although its been a late start from me). Thought it was nice to start with images of simple uncluttered spaces . Christmas is such an over indulgence ,  January is the perfect time for calm and clean. Keeping spaces crisp white and sharp, with the use of subtle textures will work in anyones book. From Luxurious to uncomplicated simplicity ,you cannot help but love it.


Indigo warm and enchanting

Indigo was thought to be the first know country where indigo was first  produced and processed. It was also later found in west africa dyed in communal dye pits and viewed as a sign of wealth to wear such splendid fabrics. many spiritualists thought it had a calming and sedative effect on the third eye. Well things haven’t changed much as it goes for that calming sedative effect , it still has an awesome effect in todays interiors and lifestyle product. A colour that draws you in and to its warn encapsulating hues.

Pictures from Style Estate and from Me To You