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Christian Stemper

By “dry-docking the boat” the subject is assigned a new place and image, both idealised and conserved. The water is gone and it leaves the actors free from their natural environment and original purpose as remnants and witnesses of a dying culture, transforming them into icons.






Leslie Oschmann

Leslie Oschmann makes a beautiful collection of stunning pieces with refound objects . Working with old artworks found in flea markets in holland and Belgium . Remodelling canvases into beautiful items ,from bags to chairs. Sporting any of her totes would add a dash of colour to your holiday .





Pia Wustenberg

Pia is a true creative and has some truly outstanding pieces in her collection. Her beautiful layered vessels are amazing. I really love the originality of her swivel trestles.

To see more of Pia’s work check out her website piadesign






Happy Easter

Alisa Burke is a creative that is totally top of her league . Visit her website for total inspiration and eye candy to please everyone.





Silence must be heard. Amit Romani

The Cow is such a highly regarded sacred animal in India , so for the vast majority of Indian people it’s something of a Hindu superstar. Often seen roaming streets and happily enjoying it’s own leisure time, the Cow has become much a part of daily life in both villages and cities alike. Artist Amit Romani chose the mighty cow as the subject for his latest exhibition at the Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai. Meeting with him was a real pleasure and his vibrant personality is eminent in his artworks. An accomplished artist that I’m sure will have a great and rewarding journey ahead of him. The pictures I took certainly don’t express the the real presence in this artwork.






TOD HUNTERS art work are sure to brighten up your day. Art work that is guaranteed to lift your spirits.




Howard Hodgkin & Designers Guild

Howard Hodgkin is widely regarded as one of the most significant artist working in Britain today. He is a true master of colour , his works are the emotion and experience from life events conveyed onto canvas.

I have been a huge fan for many years, always mesmerized by the combinations of colour and movement instilled into his works. Tricia Guild has worked in the past with Howard to produce a collection of Fabrics back in 1986, some 25 years later Designers Guild have launched a new collection of wall coverings and fabrics featuring Howards works. The results are wonderful. You can go the full mile and opt for a whole wall in vivid colour or add a touch of Hodgkin with an exquisite cushion.

Claes Uvesten Glass Sculpture

Claes Uvestens  Sculptures are some of the most amazing glasswares you are likely to come across . Perfectly formed and stunningly eye catching ,one cannot help but be in awe of his artworks. Claes if from sweden, and has received international recognition for his outstanding ability to portray masterpieces in glass. Certainly some of the most amazing pieces I have ever seen. Genius.






If you are moved by colour you will be blown away with the pictures from leading fashion photographer Kristian Schuller. Works of art in their own right they have the most marvelous mix of colour. A true inspiration for the use of colour and the powdery tones would be amazing applied in most contexts. 

Born in Romania, Kristian emigrated with his family to Germany at an early age. He studied fashion design with Vivienne Westwood and photography with FC Gundlach at the University of Fine Arts Berlin. After his initial introduction by Isabella Blow to Condé Nast Publications in London, Kristian has continued working internationally with various fashion magazines and commercial clients. 

If you need a bigger colour fix you can see more at Kristians website


Monochrome for the home


David Roberts is one of the most significant ceramic artists working in Europe today. A distinguished English potter, he has an international reputation as a leading practitioner in Raku ceramics: a technique with its origin in small-scale vessels made for the Tea Ceremony in late sixteenth-century Japan. Roberts is acknowledged as responsible for the introduction and promotion of modern, large scale Raku in Europe. He has also been instrumental in its re-introduction to the United States of America, where his example has played a key role in the foundation of the ‘Naked Raku’ movement. In his personal exploration of this traditional technique, Roberts has transformed it into a vibrant and contemporary art form.

David Roberts is one of the first British ceramists to specialise in high quality contemporary Raku, the making of which he has helped popularise, as a serious discipline within contemporary British ceramics in the many exhibitions, workshops and demonstrations he has held throughout the UK, Europe and the USA. His work investigates the clay bodies interaction with smoke-marking and deep carbonisation. The resulting vessels are strongly evocative of David’s increasing engagement with the natural world and the contours and stratification of stone and landscape.

Check out Davids website for more amazing artworks