About and Contact

Hello There! Styledbykarl  is my inspiration haven a place to Share, Inspire and Desire. A blog thats all about celebrating creativity and design , the tiny details that make life so amazing. You can find beauty  all around you in the most unexpected of places and it often spirals from your initial find into the most astonishing ideas. Blogging has become such a wonderful way to share all things creative from around the world things that we may never have come across.   

About me

I totally love making stuff be it with flowers, things from nature or items that can be reused in a new way. Gathering objects, then grouping them together to celebrate their  common traits or differences. I have worked in the design industry for many years and love the diversity on offer. The environment we live in and share with others is a great canvas to  share our creative visions ,from the simple to the sometimes daring. highlighting  pieces that exude classic design and glamour. Capturing and keeping a log of visual  splendor with my camera.

Things I love

The City, The Country, Collecting ceramics and objects,Home Magazines and Magazines in general, Pasta , Home grown vegetables,everything home baked, the thought of having a dog, my iPad,entertaining, being in nature ,the ocean and sun, my Cannon,great design and the simple things in life, that make you smile, the fact people love things others have created. And of course  my soulmate.

Contact info@styledbykarl.com


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