Varkala temple festival

On the last day of the Janardhana Swamy Temple Festival, a grand Arrattu procession takes place to add color and excitement to the festival. The highlight of the parade is seven lavishly decorated elephants.In Kerala, elephants are regarded as a symbol of pomp and prosperity, and no temple festival in the state is complete without them. In addition to providing prestige, the elephants also carry the statue of the temple god during the festival processions. The statue is carried down to the sea where it is bathed and cleansed . The men follow the procession into the sea in a frenzy of spiritual ritual. It was the most incredible celebration and to be party to it was something that will never be forgot. After the cleansing the elephants and the temple statue make their way through the streets and bless people’s homes on the way, finally arriving back at the temple in the early hours of the morning. Huge explosions of fireworks that rock the town greet the return of the statue back into the haven of the temple.

It was a long night of partying and celebration.






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