Dharavi Mumbai

there are 2,000 slums in mumbai, and about 55% of mumbaikers live in slums.
dharavi houses 1 million in 2 square km.this would include professional workers and police officers.

the slum has a relatively low rate of crime – people are (surprisingly) employed.families are house proud and make the most of what we take all to often for granted, a roof over our heads and a safe place to sleep.

Plastic recycling, for example, is a tax-free, underground business in the slum. The workers make between £4-5 per day for 12 hours of work. Textile workers have it a little better for their skilled work: about £11 per day, but they also work more than 12 hours.

life expectancy in dharavi is 50 years of age.

The movie slumdog millionaire is not a real picture of real slum life and really only focused on the negatives. People may live in slums but who wants to be called a dog. It’s humbling to see how enterprising Everyone is and just what lengths they will go to make a better life for themselves.






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