Monthly Archives: January 2012

Claes Uvesten Glass Sculpture

Claes Uvestens  Sculptures are some of the most amazing glasswares you are likely to come across . Perfectly formed and stunningly eye catching ,one cannot help but be in awe of his artworks. Claes if from sweden, and has received international recognition for his outstanding ability to portray masterpieces in glass. Certainly some of the most amazing pieces I have ever seen. Genius.






White Start

2012 here we go ( although its been a late start from me). Thought it was nice to start with images of simple uncluttered spaces . Christmas is such an over indulgence ,  January is the perfect time for calm and clean. Keeping spaces crisp white and sharp, with the use of subtle textures will work in anyones book. From Luxurious to uncomplicated simplicity ,you cannot help but love it.