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Recycled Heaven

How Beautiful are these new cool furniture pieces. Made entirely from recycled wood and everyday items ,we dispose of everyday. With a strong sense of design you can see things in a new light. Piet Hein Eek is the coolest place in Holland you could ever come across. Their mission is to make use of the used, revitalized in to amazing furniture and lifestyle objects.


If you want to function successfully and design beautiful objects, you need to make sure that your environment is a stimulating one and that you feel like a fish in water. So creating this type of environment, your daily reality, is much more important than setting all kinds of goals for the future.  The building more than 10,000 square meters in size, where all kinds of different activities are brought together under one roof. The workshops (wood, steel, upholstery, assembly, spraying and ceramics) form the beating heart of the building. They are surrounded by the offices, showroom, shop, gallery, restaurant. In fact a designers dream come true.    Check out their cool website


Rustic Collections

Pictures from Styled By Karl 

Creative with Cardboard


Who doesn’t love art that breaks the norm? Recycled art , environmentally friendly and extraordinary . Art from everyday objects all stimulate the imagination in ways ordinary works can rarely achieve – and cardboard art is no exception. Recycled and environment friendly, the following artwork is not just an expression of the artists’ points of view but is also a statement about how what we consider to be art and created from any medium.

Its wonderful to be able to use the everyday things around us to make creative pieces .  


Think twice before throwing out that old box it could be the next  sculpture or installation for your home.


Indigo warm and enchanting

Indigo was thought to be the first know country where indigo was first  produced and processed. It was also later found in west africa dyed in communal dye pits and viewed as a sign of wealth to wear such splendid fabrics. many spiritualists thought it had a calming and sedative effect on the third eye. Well things haven’t changed much as it goes for that calming sedative effect , it still has an awesome effect in todays interiors and lifestyle product. A colour that draws you in and to its warn encapsulating hues.

Pictures from Style Estate and from Me To You

Small but Detailed

Pictures from Styled By Karl  

a few bits I stuck together , they add a spark to my coffee table.

Its wonderful how the smaller details are the ones that can make the biggest difference. Gather a few flower heads and leaves , add them to small vases , make a little collection to place on a dressing table or console.  Magic added to any dull area . Choose the colours  that play with other pieces in the room and they will have a real presence.